Transferring to UGA Tifton

If you are interested in transferring to the UGA Tifton Campus, you need to apply with the UGA Off-Site Application.

UGA Tifton is the perfect place to experience personalized education without sacrificing quality. The undergraduate degrees offered at UGA Tifton are degree-completion programs intended for transfer students. Students interested in attending UGA Tifton must complete 60 credit hours of transferrable coursework prior to enrollment. Completion of an Associates degree is encouraged. UGA maintains a core to core transfer agreement with University System of Georgia (USG) institutions and will likely accept all courses from these institutions. 

To determine if specific courses will transfer, students are encouraged to use the UGA Transfer Equivalency search system. If you are not transferring from a USG institution, please check the search system to be sure completed courses will transfer. 

To determine what courses are needed for your desired program of study, students are encouraged to use the UGA Bulletin to guide them. UGA Tifton strives to meet each student's individual, educational goals and also encourages students to consult with an admissions counselor as early as possible to be certain pre-requisites for their chosen major are met.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between classes offered on the UGA campus in Tifton and the UGA campus in Athens?

The only difference is the location.

What degree will students receive at UGA Tifton?

Students will earn a University of Georgia degree just like all other students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

What are the entrance requirements?

Students must meet the University of Georgia transfer requirements. To be eligible for admission to UGA programs at any location, prospective students must have at least 60 transferable semester hours and a minimum GPA of 2.80.

How do I apply to UGA Tifton?

Students should apply to the University of Georgia as a transfer student and choose the Agriscience and Environmental Systems, Agribusiness, Agricultural Education, or Biological Sciences major in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. To apply to UGA Tifton, use the UGA Off-Site Application.

How much does it cost to attend UGA Tifton?

At UGA Tifton we are committed to providing students with a quality education at an affordable price. Tuition and fees could cost as little as $1,886 per semester based on 15 credit hours and Hope Scholarship eligibility.

Where do I go for orientation?

Admitted UGA Tifton students will attend orientation at UGA Tifton. Students will receive an orientation pack in the mail outlining when orientation will be and what steps to complete before attending. 

Where will the classes be held?

Courses will be taught in classrooms and laboratories on the UGA Tifton Campus.

Who will teach the classes?

All courses will be taught by University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences faculty members from Tifton, Griffin, or Athens either in person, online, or through teleconferencing.

What about academic advising?

Students will be advised by a professional advisor at UGA Tifton and will be assigned a UGA faculty member who will serve as their academic mentor.