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Students: Career Resources

Employer Connections

Developing employer connections is an important responsibility for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES). By forming relationships with employers, we can connect them to our faculty who can better communicate industry requests to our students. We also work closely with the UGA Career Center as they prepare students to fill employment positions. However, making the link between employers and our students is not always as simple as it may seem.

As an employer, it is often more beneficial for you to communicate directly with the college and departments about hiring CAES students. If you are an employer interested in connecting with students in one of our undergraduate majors or masters and Ph.D. programs regarding internships or full-time employment, we want to help bridge that gap.

Making the connection

  • Contact Brice Nelson, Director of Student and Employer Engagement, by email or phone at 706-542-1611 to discuss how our Office of Academic Affairs can assist you.
  • Create a flyer or Web page with information about your current opening that we can include in our weekly electronic newsletter and Career Resources site for CAES students.
  • Post employment opportunities via the UGA online job board, DAWGlink. You can post these positions at UGA for free.  If you wish to hire upcoming graduates, please go to hireUGA. If you are specifically looking to hire alumni, go to Alumni Hiring. This will give you the information you need to register as an employer and then post positions. If you have questions or need additional information about DAWGlink, please contact Debi Grayson at
  • Plan to attend the UGA Agricultural, Environmental, & Engineering Career and Internship Fair on Wednesday, October 8, 2014. Employers can register via DAWGLink's registration form.
  • Consider making a visit to campus to speak to one of our classes or at our SLICE (Student Leaders Interested in Career Exploration) program which meets monthly. Our office can assist in setting up a visit for you.
  • Brainstorm opportunities for you to build your brand with our students and share them with us. We can also help give you ideas.

Interested in developing a formal internship program?

While not all of our departments require their students to complete a structured internship, most strongly encourage it as a mechanism to explore career opportunities. Internships should be more than part-time jobs; they should give students a well-rounded experience in all aspects of the company, and the employer, an opportunity to closer evaluate the student as a potential employee.

CAES students have a tremendous skill set including outstanding academic preparedness, work ethic, “down-to-earth” personalities and developed interpersonal communication skills. Many have opportunities for multiple internships, therefore making your position as attractive as possible is necessary to find the best candidates.

It helps to develop a flyer or website with information about your company as well as responsibilities for the intern position so that we have something to share with our students. Promotional material for your internships should include: compensation, work hours, location, expected duties, length of internship and contact information. A successful internship will result in students returning to campus and sharing their positive experience with others. Contact us today if we can help connect your company to our students.

For more tips on how to effectively recruit our students for your internship, contact Brice Nelson by email or phone at 706-542-1611.

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