Guide to Payment and Reimbursement

All payments must be made by May 1.

Step 1

If you are requesting funds from student activity fees, review our Student Activity Fee Guidelines. Then proceed to Step 2.

If you are looking for a reimbursement from a Student Agency Account, contact the Tate Business Office.

Step 2

Download the Student Activity Fee Allocated Account Payment form.

Fill the form

Step 3

Supporting documents

  • Tape all original receipts to white, letter size, printer paper
  • Include an invitation, flyer or e-mail from the event

Step 4

Check to see if any additional forms are needed.

  • Entertainment

    If the event had any entertainment including speakers, live music etc.

    Fill the form

  • Food Justification

    If your expenses include food

    Fill the form

  • Non-employee Payment

    If the student filing for a reimbursement is not an employee of UGA

    Fill the form

  • Student Travel

    If seeking reimbursement for travel expenses

    Fill the form


Step 5


Print all the forms and bring additional supporting documentation from Step 2 to Dana Nash in Conner Hall room 102.

  • Conner Hall
  • 147 Cedar Street
  • Athens GA, 30602