Continued Probation

As a University of Georgia student, you will be placed on continued probation when your cumulative GPA remains below a 2.0 following one semester on scholastic probation.

If this happens, your account will be flagged and your academic status changes from “scholastic probation” to “continued probation.”

Within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, we are dedicated to making sure that our students are provided every resource and opportunity to succeed. When our students within the college are placed on continued probation, they are required to meet with our Academic Counselor, Bekah Ingram, in order for each student to have an advocate and identify any issues that may be contributing to their academic difficulties, which can often be personal or academic problems. In our Academic Counseling program, continued probation students have normally worked with our Academic Counselor during their first semester on Scholastic Probation. They should be working to fulfill their terms of probation and striving to bring their cumulative GPA above a 2.0 in order to clear probation.

Students may remain on Continued Probation status for as long as needed to raise their cumulative GPA above a 2.0 as long as they maintain a 2.3 term GPA each semester and complete at least 6 credit hours in the Fall/Spring, 3 in the Summer they are on continued probation. That means that each continued probation student would have to make a 2.3 GPA in the classes they are currently enrolled in to not be dismissed from the college. They will be cleared from probation when their cumulative GPA reaches a 2.0 or higher.  

Although each continued probation student may have met with our Academic Counselor in previous semesters, it is required that they continue to meet with Bekah Ingram each semester they are on continued probation.

Each student on continued probation is sent a letter after the term in which they are placed on continued probation that outlines their responsibilities.

If you are placed on Continued Probation follow these steps:

  1. Email Bekah Ingram within the first 25 days of the start of the next semester to set up an orientation meeting. During this meeting students will talk about their experience at UGA and any difficulties that they feel may have contributed to their current academic standing. Our Academic counselor will then help guide them and give the, resources that may be of interest. During this time students will also review the terms of probation and will be given a copy of these terms so that they can refer back to them throughout the semester. This is the same process that students went through while previously on scholastic probation, but this time there will be a thorough, guided, step-by-step plan for achieving goals this semester. More monitoring and help will be provided for students while they are on continued probation to make a strong effort to keep them from being dismissed. However, please note that it is ultimately the student's responsibility to follow through with their plan of action and to fulfill their probation requirements.
  2. Students on continued probation will not need to meet with the CARE team in the Academic Resource Center.
  3. Please be aware that students will have a registration flag placed on their account if they have not had their orientation session with Bekah Ingram within the first 25 days of the start of the semester. This means they will not be able to withdrawal from classes, change their schedule, order transcripts, or register for the following semester. Please be HIGHLY cognizant of this. When they realize they have a flag and have not followed their probationary terms, many students have tried to schedule a meeting on extremely short notice. Although we try to accommodate each student, we cannot make it our number one priority when students have not followed through with their responsibilities.
  4. Students must keep in mind that they are required to complete 6 credit hours in the Fall/Spring semester while on probation as well as maintain a 2.3 GPA during each term they are on continued probation. If the student decides to take classes in the Summer, they must be complete 3 credit hours while maintaining a 2.3 GPA during that term as well. PLEASE NOTE: Classes in which a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory/Pass/Fail grade are given are NOT counted towards the 6 credit hour requirement for Fall/Spring or the 3 credit hour requirement for Summer. Please keep this in mind and check this while registering, as some student enroll in internship classes and this DOES NOT count towards your registration requirements. This could result in an academic dismissal and it is the student's responsibility to make sure you are enrolled for the correct credit hours!
  5. If you would like more information regarding Continued Probation Status, please refer to UGA Bulletin Academic Regulations