First Dismissal

University of Georgia students will be placed on First Academic Dismissal when their cumulative GPA remains below a 2.0 and while on continued probation status, the student did not maintain a 2.3 term GPA. That means that while the student were on continued probation they did not meet their probationary terms of maintaining a 2.3 GPA in the classes that the student was currently enrolled in or the student did not register for the appropriate amount of hours (at least 6 in Fall/Spring, 3 in Summer), and are therefore now placed on First Academic Dismissal.

PLEASE NOTE that if the petitioning process deadlines are missed, then the petition will not be processed until the following semester. We suggest starting early to ensure the process is completed.   

If this happens, the student's account will be flagged and your academic status changes from “Continued Probation” to “First Academic Dismissal.”

This means that the student will have to sit out of school for one full Fall or Spring semester. Summer semesters do not count. During this time, it is expected that students will reflect on their experience at UGA and identify what barriers prevented them from achieving their academic goals while on continued probation. In addition, students are asked to take this time to rectify any barriers that may be impeding their academic achievement.

Within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, we are dedicated to making sure that our students are provided every resource and opportunity to succeed. When our students within the college are placed on First Academic Dismissal, they are required to meet with our Academic Counselor, Bekah Ingram, in order to discuss what happened during their time enrolled at UGA. Together, we develop a plan of action to take in order to either take more time off or apply to petition for readmission.

Although it may be tempting to contact the Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, we ask that you contact the Academic Counselor first, as we will redirect you to the necessary Academic Counseling services.

Each student placed on Academic First Dismissal is sent a letter after the term in which they are placed on dismissal that outlines their responsibilities.

Requirements for Re-Admission:

Deadline Chart


A student placed on First Academic Dismissal should follow these steps:

  1. Contact Bekah Ingram when they are ready to discuss their situation. During their meeting with the Academic Counselor, the student will develop a plan for what to do during their time off, when and if to petition, and how to begin the petitioning process.
    • Bekah will become the student's guiding coach through the petitioning process and will let them know when they are approved to turn in their petition and move forward through the process. However, the student must first meet face to face with her in order to begin.
  2. During this time, it is expected that students will reflect on their experience at UGA and identify what barriers prevented them from achieving their academic goals while on continued probation. Being placed on First Academic Dismissal means that you have had multiple semesters of unsatisfactory grades and it is imperative that you have a well thought out and thorough plan of action to implement if you return. The semester off is a prime opportunity to develop a plan, and reflect on and address any issues that you may be facing.
  3. After meeting with Bekah, the student will follow the following steps:
    • Prepare a petition for re-admission
      • Students should discuss what happened while they were at UGA that led to their dismissal, what they did with their time off, their specific plan to be successful at UGA, why they believe they're now ready to return (as opposed to waiting more time). Students should be sure to include their contact information and answer the questions below.
        • What's different now?
        • How do you know you will be successful?
      • Students should submit this petition to Bekah Ingram for edits.
      • After the petition is approved by Bekah, the student must print and sign it.
    • Meet with the Departmental Faculty Mentor or Undergraduate Coordinator.
      • The student will provide their written petition to the departmental Faculty Mentor or Coordinator when setting up their appointment.
      • The student will then meet to discuss their petition and request a letter of support.
      • The student will ensure that the Faculty Mentor or Coordinator submits the letter of support directly to Kelly King ( OR to 102 Conner Hall. Please note, a faculty mentor or undergraduate coordinator signature is required.
    • Submit the petition in person or via email to Kelly King ( in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Office of Academic Affairs located in 102 Conner Hall. This should include a PDF, signed copy of the student's petition. Once both the petition and letter of support have been received by the Office of Academic Affairs, students will need to make an appointment to present their petition.
    • Dr. Broder, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will review the materials and meet with the student, along with the Academic Counselor, Bekah Ingram, to discuss the petition. This is the time for the student to make their case that they are prepared to return to school.
    • If the student is re-admitted, they will be notified by official letter.
  4. More information regarding First Academic Dismissal Status may be found at UGA Bulletin Academic Regulations.