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Food and AgriBusiness Entrepreneurial Initiative @ UGA

Think of it as the CAES Shark Tank...

Do you have a great idea? Then participate in FABricate! FABricate is a competition where you can expand your leadership and business skills through the development of a new food product, new agricultural technology, or a new food or agricultural-related business. Take advantage of funding, seminars, and faculty mentorship through the college's FABricate entrepreneurial initiative.

Who can compete?

  • Individuals or teams of up to 5 UGA students; at least one person of the team must be a CAES student.
  • Graduate and Undergraduate students are eligible.
  • Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.
  • Each team must have a faculty mentor but can additionally include external constituents as advisers.

How do I enter?

Submit your proposal online by Friday, September 29th! The online form will ask for all teammates contact information, faculty mentor contact information, and a description about your idea, how you came up with the idea, and the amount requested.

Sumbit your Proposal

What are the categories?

  • New Food Product: any new, original food product. Products should have a high potential for being marketed and sold on a commercial basis. The actual food item must be developed and presented at the final competition.The winning team will have the option to compete in the Flavor of Georgia contest.
  • Agricultural Technology: any type of new product or service that would be used in a business related to agriculture. For this category, the actual item does not have to be developed but teams are encouraged to develop a prototype or proof of concept, if possible, depending on the nature of the project. Proposed products or services should have potential for being manufactured and sold on a commercial basis.
  • Agricultural or Food-related Business: ideas for new businesses that involve food or agriculture. Proposal should include ideas for businesses that do not currently exist, that are creative and enterprising. Business in this category will likely be experience or service related.
  • Environmental or Sustainable Business: ideas for new businesses that involve the environment or an enterprise that capitalizes on having minimal negative impacts on the global or local environment. Businesses in this category offer progressive environmental and/or human rights ideas in the form of a service or product.

FABricate Contest Timeline

September 5: Kickoff Event & Information Session

Did you miss our Kickoff Event but are still interested in the contest? No worries! Check out the recap of the event.

September 29: Proposals Due

Submit proposals online by 11:59 PM. Submitted applicants will receive an email, once the deadline has passed, to schedule a proposal presentation time.

October 18: Proposal Presentation

Conner Hall, Room 307 from 6-8 p.m.

Teams will give a five-minute presentation and answer questions from the judges. Teams that are chosen to proceed to the finale will receive $1,500 to further develop their ideas. These chosen teams will be required to attend 3 workshops to further assist in their development process.

February 1: Progress Report Due
Tell us how far along you are with your project.

March 28: Final Competition

Miller Learning Center, Room TBD from 6-8 p.m.

What teams will win the grand prize and be crowned the Fabricate winner? All faculty, staff, and students are welcome to come out to enjoy the competition, indulge in heavy hors d’oeuvres, and vote for their favorite team.

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