Emily Braswell

Posted: March 01, 2016 8:05 AM

Emily Braswell

Agriculture business major Emily Braswell loves being involved in all four student clubs on the UGA Tifton Campus. Emily believes the more involved she is on campus the better her college experience will be. After Braswell’s time at UGA is complete, she hopes to help farmers manage the business side of their agricultural endeavors.



About Emily

Hometown: Donalsonville, GA

Major: Agribusiness

Class: 2017

Campus: Tifton

Q & A with Emily

What made you choose to attend UGA in Tifton?

The small class sizes, and the family atmosphere that it has, because I came from a really small high school. It was a private school, and I had 30 people in my graduation class. So I’m use to really small class sizes. That’s why I like it. 

How many times have you changed your major?

I haven’t changed it at all. I came in as ag business, and that’s what I still am. I want to be able to do my part in agriculture and help without getting in the field and getting all nasty and dirty. I want to be the one behind the scenes and help the farmers decide what is best for them. 

How did you hear about the programs that UGA in Tifton offers?

My dad was a farmer and my granddad was a farmer. So I came from a line of a farming family.
When I was little I rode tractors with my dad and I was in the field with him. That just kind of made me interested in being an ag major. 

What's your favorite class?

So far my favorite class has been Ms. (Amanda) Smith’s agriculture business management class because it just teaches you a lot about managing agribusiness and a farm. You learn things about management, financial things and a lot of different aspects.    

Which CAES instructor do you value the most or has been the most influential?

Definitely Ms. Smith. She’s the ag business advisor, and the advisor for the ag business club. She’s always so ready and available whenever you need her. I have her cell phone number, so if I ever need her on a Sunday, I can call her and she’s there. You can go into her office. She has an open door policy. She’s always had an impact on me. She’s the one that actually made me think about pursuing my masters in ag econ. 

What's the most interesting thing you've learned this year?

The most interesting thing I learned was about crop insurance and how the Farm Bill worked with Dr. (Donald) Shurley. He taught us a lot. He made me think about crop insurance as a career. I liked that. 

What's one thing you're always sure to take to class?

My book bag! It has all of my books and all of my binders, pens, calculators and everything that I need. 

What's the coolest thing that's happened to you at UGA?

The most interesting thing that has happened to me since I’ve been here is when I went with Collegiate FFA to a national convention in Kentucky. We actually had a collegiate quiz bowl team and we placed second in the nation. That was probably one of the most interesting things that has happened to me. 

What's your favorite thing to do outside of class?

I just like to hang around with my friends. A lot of times when I’m out of the classroom I’m here because I’m involved in all four clubs on campus, so there’s always something going on. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully I’m going to have a job somewhere and kind of settled down in what I want to do in my career, and just living life to its fullest! 

Best advice for incoming students?

Be involved! If you’re not involved then you’re not going to make friends and you’re not going to make the connections. I know a lot of people have the thought of coming to school just to go to class and then leaving, but college is a lot more than just class. It’s what you make of it. I feel like if you’re involved in everything they have to offer then your experience is going to be a lot better. 

What is one thing that sets you apart from other students?

One thing that sets me apart from other students is that I am an ag business major, but I am in FFA. If you know FFA you’d know that is the agriculture education club. A lot of people think that only ag ed majors can be in FFA, but I don’t think that is true because I feel like you can always apply some of it into your career, no matter what degree you have.