Faculty: Glen Harris

Posted: August 01, 2015 1:00 PM

Faculty: Glen Harris

When University of Georgia Cooperative Extension specialist Glen Harris isn't training and assisting agents across the state in soil fertility, he is sharing his passion with students at UGA Tifton.

Harris taught his first Soils and Hydrology course at UGA Tifton in 2003 and has continued to do so every year since.

“This is the 14th time teaching it! I still love teaching. Every class is different with a different personality,” says Harris.

The course title has remained the same over the years, but the content and teaching style is always evolving. That is why students admire him.

Senior agricultural education student, Lindsey Hall, says, “I enjoyed his excitement and the many different out of class opportunities that we had.”

Glen Harris

Department: Crop & Soil Sciences

Campus: Tifton

Web: Faculty page

Interview with Dr. Harris

Glen Harris talks about why he enjoys teaching at UGA Tifton.

Teaching rewards

Harris sees the reward in teaching.

“I love it when you see the light bulb go on,” he says.

His favorite and most rewarding part of teaching, though, is seeing his former students enjoy successful careers.