Lissi Carr

Posted: November 09, 2016 5:00 PM

Lissi Carr

Lissi Carr loves the University of Georgia Tifton Campus. Whether it's the small class sizes or the one-on-one time with professors, Carr is where she's supposed to be, majoring in agricultural education. She hopes to one day teach middle school agriculture in Georgia.

About Lissi

Hometown: Hawkinsville, GA
Major: Agricultural Education
Class: 2018
Campus: Tifton

Q&A with Lissi

What made you choose to attend UGA in Tifton?

I chose UGA Tifton because Tifton is very near and dear to my heart. I also like the smaller class sizes and being able to have one on one time with my professors, which you don't necessarily get if you go to Athens.

How many times have you changed your major?

I was originally an agriculture business major. I changed to agriculture education within my first semester of college. Agriculture is something that I have grown up around, and I'm very passionate about it. I love working with children. I want to teach children things about agriculture that they don't already know.

What exposure did you have to agriculture before coming to the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences?

My father was a farmer, so I have been around agriculture my entire life. I have mostly row crop exposure. I helped work on the family farm for  years. When I got old enough to work outside of the home, I worked for a potato farm based out of North Dakota. They had a Hawkinsville location that I worked at. I was also in Future Farmers of America all throughout high schoo.

What's your favorite class?

Agrisciences for teachers is my favorite class here. It's teaching me a lot about how to prepare myself for the classroom. I'm learning what I need to know in order to teach properly as far as content and how to properly present a lesson.

Which CAES instructor has been most influential to you?

I'd have to say Breanna Coursey. She has classroom experience, and I can relate to that with her. She was involved in a lot of things like I was when she was in high school. She's really down to Earth and speaks on our level. She doesn't go over our heads.

What's the most interesting thing you've learned this year?

I’ve learned how to properly judge land. I was never really exposed to that in FFA even though they do that. I’ve learned how to properly take soil samples and other things about soil. 

What's one of the things you're always sure to take to class?

Definitely my notebook and a pen to take notes. For my 8 a.m. classes I require some type of caffeine, whether it be coffee or Coke. 

What's the coolest thing that's happened to you since coming to UGA Tifton?

I’m an ambassador for the CAES. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and it finally happened. 

What's youir favorite thing to do outside of class?

I love spending time with my family and friends. I like to help my brother raise his show pigs.Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully, I'll be teaching a middle school agriculture class in the state of Georgia.

What is the best advice you have for incoming students to the UGA Tifton Campus?

There's nothing to be scared of. Most people have that perception of UGA. You'll actually get a lot out of your education here. Get involved, and stay on top of your schoolwork because you will drown in it if you procrastinate.

What is one thing that sets you apart from other students?

I have a twin brother who is also an agriculture education major. He will be at UGA Tifton next semester.