Megan Powell

Posted: April 28, 2016 3:00 PM

Megan Powell


The University of Georgia Tifton Campus is a home away from home for Wrightsville, Ga. native Megan Powell. From small class sizes to accomplished professors, UGA Tifton offers Powell everything she wanted in a college environment.

About Megan

Hometown: Wrightsville, GA
Major: Agricultural Education
Class: 2017
Campus: Tifton



Q&A with Megan

What made you choose to attend UGA?

I chose the UGA Tifton campus because it was a small campus and had everything I was looking for. It had the small class sizes and it offered my major. I could get the same degree everyone is getting in Athens right here in Tifton. 

How many times have you changed your major? What made you settle on your current major?

I’ve actually never changed my major. I’ve always been Ag Ed. I started that as a freshman
and that is what I’ve always wanted to do. 

What exposure did you have to agriculture before coming to CAES?

My dad logs so I have a little bit of a forestry background, and my uncle farms. So we’ve always
had cows, and my uncle farms in row crops, so I have a little bit of it pouring into me from both sides of my family. I also took ag classes in high school. I was in FFA and 4-H and showed livestock.

What's your favorite class and why?

I’m taking a class right now that we call a Focus class, and we are getting a lot of experience teaching and being around kids and everything. We are teaching 5th grade science so we have to spend a minimum of three hours a week in the classroom teaching. It has been a really good experience because I want to go into Extension. I don’t actually want to teach, and in the 5th grade is where we start doing club meetings, so it works out good for me to get that much more exposure to that age group. It is also good for people who want to be ag teachers because it's just you using different sources and pulling all of your knowledge together. We are doing the fun activities with them so we really are having to think about them and plan them out. We are getting more experience with the planning and pulling of the resources and getting everything together. 

Which CAES instructor has been most influential?

I would have to say Dr. (Rochelle) Sapp. Last semester I took one of her classes, Agriculture and Culture. She is also the Internship Coordinator, so she did a Wednesday workshop last semester that we went to, and she talked about internships and how that all works. I had an internship last summer and I have one this summer, so she has helped me a lot with that. In her class that I took we traveled to Athens and did a poster presentation, and it was the first research poster that I’ve ever done. She helps put things in perspective and helps to break you out of your

What's the most interesting thing you've learned this year?

I would have to say probably my experience with the 5th grade classes. We are also doing a plant sale, and now that we are getting into our major classes, being able to pull your resources in and not being afraid to ask someone for help, so just learning how to break out of your shell and just go for anything. 

What's one thing you're always sure to take to class?

My planner! I always have my Lilly planner with me. I write everything down. 

What's the coolest thing that has happened to you since coming to UGA Tifton?

Being an ambassador. You get a lot of opportunities. We got to meet the new dean and we did several lunches for him and had breakfast with him. Just having the opportunity to give to our perspective students or whoever is on campus has been awesome. It is also been great to have been able to wear our Polos and
nametags and blazers. It is really cool to network through that. 

What's your favorite thing to do outside class?

Just hang out with friends. A lot of the times we will talk about lessons and getting lessons together, so some of it is still class related.  

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to have a job. I want to be an Extension Agent, so even though I’m in Agriculture Education, you can take more than just one path to teaching Ag. I plan on student teaching and seeing how that goes. I might teach ag for a couple years, or I might just go straight into Extension. I just hope to have a steady job. 

What is the best advice you have for incoming students?

Take all of your classes and do really well in them. Interact with all of the people that you can. Don’t stay to yourself, just interact with everybody. 

What is one thing about yourself that sets you apart from other students?

Being an Ag Ed major and wanting to go into Extension. I’m the only one in my group in this junior class that wants to go into Extension. I think that sets me apart because even though I do work with all the FFA contests and work with state staff, I have all of my connection with Extension. That is the internship I’m doing this summer, so I’m still working to better myself for both of those organizations because I want to have ties with both. Just in case in the future, I can be able to work with either side.  

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