Lizzy Isgar

Posted: February 15, 2016 1:00 AM

Lizzy Isgar

Why did you choose UGA CAES?

I chose to attend UGA for its prestigious programs in Food Science and placement within the Food Industry. In addition to a renowned academic reputation, I wanted a true college experience including a small college town, excellent sports teams, and numerous ways to get involved. Ultimately, I wanted to be at a school with a rich history and tradition where students are proud to attend.

Once accepted, I chose to major in Food Industry Marketing and Administration after discovering my love for the business side of the Food Industry.

About Lizzy

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: Food Industry Marketing and Administration

Class: May 2018

Campus: Athens

What's special about the Food Industry Marketing and Administration major?

I enjoy that this major combines essential classes in both Food Science and Business, giving me a better background in both of these fields. This major is unique because it prepares students for a variety of options and careers after graduation within the Food Industry.

I added a minor in Spanish after learning how relevant other cultures and languages are within global food product development and marketing.

My Freshman Odyssey Course with Professor Berning has been the most influential class I have taken, because this class initially inspired my love for business within the Food Industry. The class focused on Marketing within the Food Industry, from an Agricultural and Environmental Economics perspective, and opened my eyes to the numerous possibilities of marketing, advertising, and branding specifically for food products.

What are some things you've done to further your study outside the classroom?

While in CAES, I became involved in the Food Science Club and Agricultural and Environmental Economics club, each providing me with a unique perspective on business and science as these disciplines apply to the Food Industry.

Something that has stood out to me in my time here is the variety of experiential learning opportunities that CAES provides.

I was fortunate enough to receive the Harold and Celestia Loden International Travel Scholarship this year which I applied toward the program cost of my study abroad trip to Costa Rica.

I studied abroad within the College of Agriculture over this past Thanksgiving break on UGA's campus in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The program was a week-long intensive on Coffee Production and Technology for students studying Food Science or in related fields.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to pursue two internships over the past summer in Los Angeles, CA.

The first was a corporate marketing internship with Wolfgang Puck Catering where I assisted with marketing plans across various venues, branding implementation, and menu development. This experience made me realize how much I love the corporate side of the Food Industry, particularly within the Fine Dining and Catering sectors.

Additionally, I pursued a marketing and operations internship with a Farmer's Market where I implemented new social media marketing strategies, created more innovative ways to manage finances and customer relations, and instructed vendors on food safety practices. This experience was invaluable for me in learning practical management skills within the Food Industry.

Do you have any advice for new agdawgs?

Given my college experiences so far, I would advise incoming CAES students is to take major related classes as early on as possible in your UGA experience.

In doing so, you can assess what classes truly interest you in order to pursue a major and experience at UGA that is fulfilling to you right from the start. In addition, join clubs and organizations where you can spend time with like-minded students, as it applies to your CAES degree or an extracurricular activity!

What are you doing after graduation?

After graduation, I intend to work for a major corporation within the Food Industry, in the fields of marketing or branding. The coursework I am taking unique to my majors at UGA, relevant internship experience, and study abroad opportunities have all helped to provide me with necessary insight in the fields of Food Science and Business to prepare me for a very rewarding career. I’ve got to say, if it weren’t for CAES, I wouldn't be studying exactly what I love and want to do for the rest of my life!

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