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Students: Deans' Promise: Enrichment Opportunities

Study Abroad
Travel the world.

Faculty-led Programs

China: Global Food and Trade

This course is designed to introduce students to the literature on global food, food safety, agricultural development and trade in China with an emphasis on international business practices.

  • Course(s): 6 hours of either AAEC 3911 or AESC 3150 and FDST 4800 or FDST 8800
  • Dates: May-June 2013
  • Cost: $1728 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Ames,
    Dr. Huang,

Visit the Global Food and Trade website

Costa Rica: Sustainability of Tropical Agroecosystems

When tourists, wilderness areas and agricultural production collide, you're learning sustainability on multiple levels by looking at its challenges in Costa Rica. Students will develop a sense of sustainability from site visits, hands-on activities, hikes and research projects at agricultural operations and home gardens – from sea level to cloud forest heights

  • Course(s): ANTH/CRSS/ECOL/GEOG/HORT 4931/6931
  • Dates: Maymester 2014
  • Cost: TBD + airfare + tuition/fees
  • Contact(s): Dr. Wayne Parrott, 706-542-0928

Costa Rica: Avian Biology

This Maymester, come hike through lush green rain forests, climb on the rocks of an active volcano, or stroll down the black sand beaches of Costa Rica. With more than 860 resident and migrant bird species in the country, each of the seven locations the course visits offers birds of every color and size. Parrots, toucans, motmots and hummingbirds will ensure you return with an appreciation for avian diversity and tropical ecology.

  • Course(s): POUL 4150 (6hrs)
  • Dates: May 12 - June 1 2014
  • Cost: $2300+ tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Adam Davis, 706-542-1350

Visit the Avian Biology website

Costa Rica: Coffee: From Bean to Cup (Thanksgiving Break)

Travel to Costa Rica to partake in this unique opportunity for students to learn about the horticultural practices and processing involved in coffee production. This program is focused entirely on the challenge and practices of growing, harvesting and processing coffee, the second-most traded commodity on Earth!

  • Course(s): FDST 4150/6150 (2 credits)
  • Dates: November 22- November 30, 2014 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Cost: $900 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Ron Pegg,
    UGA CR Office,

Visit the Coffee: From Bean to Cup (Thanksgiving Break) website

Ecuador: Ecuador: Insects and Agroecology of Ecuador

Explore Ecuador and discover the South American culture combined with the biodiversity of insects and the agroecology of the region. The week in Athens and 18days in-country offers the opportunity to learn first-hand about sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation.

  • Course(s): ENTO 3140/L Insect Natural History in Ecuador and CRSS (HORT)(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG) 4931/6931 Agroecology of Tropical America Field Trip
  • Dates: June 14 - July 1 2014
  • Cost: $2200 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Batzer,
    Dr. Galau,
    Marianne Shockley Cruz,

Europe: The Grand Tour: Art and Gardens

Gain appreciation for the art, literature, history, politics, economics, religion, and topography that shaped the art and gardens of The Grand Tour sites. Influenced by the experiences and legacy of visitors to Italy and France over the centuries, students will write travelogues inspired by their own Grand Tour of Italy, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

  • Course(s): HORT 3900 and CLAS4390 (6 Hours)
  • Dates: May 2013
  • Cost: $2905 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Tim Smalley, 706-542-2471

Visit the The Grand Tour: Art and Gardens website

France: French and European Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

The program is coordinated through ENSAT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse), which is the National Institute of Agronomy in France. Faculty from ENSAT lead lectures and field trips (taught in English) covering: Dairy and Poultry Production, Biotechnology, Horticulture, Agricultural Economics and Policy, Geomatics, Sustainable Agriculture, and Winemaking. In addition, there are daily lectures on French language and survival skills, culture and history.

  • Course(s): AESC 3150, AESC 3160 (6 hours)
  • Dates: May 2014 (Maymester)
  • Cost: $1500-2000 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Gene Pesti,
    Dr. Mike Azain,

Visit the French and European Agricultural and Environmental Sciences website

Italy: Viticulture and Enology

There's more to wine than choosing the right bottle. Spend your Maymester mastering its finer aspects; and learn about its production, health implications, cultivation and economic impact on Cortona, Italy. Students will stay in a renovated 15th century monastery in the heart of Italian wine culture and share dinners at a local family-run restaurant.

Visit the Viticulture and Enology website

Tanzania: International Agribusiness Marketing and Management

From the legendary spice markets of Zanzibar to a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro, this 21-day trip will give you an incredible glimpse of Tanzania. Students will explore the country's culture, farming systems, agribusinesses and environmental issues; learn basic business Swahili and maybe even ride a camel.

  • Course(s): AAEC/AFST/ENVM/ADSC 3911 and another course to total 6 hours. Recommendation: AAEC 4900
  • Dates: Maymester 2014
  • Cost: $4,000 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Jack Houston,

Visit the International Agribusiness Marketing and Management website

Thailand: Cultural, Social, and Environmental Sustainability

The six-week Thailand program is more than a trip: It's study abroad and service-learning taken to a whole new level. Students will take language courses; visit villages, farms, markets and bazaars; learn about agricultural extension, community enterprises, watersheds, Thai dance and cooking; and top it off with field work the last full week of the program.

  • Course(s): AESC 3150 & ANTH | ECOL | FANR | GEOG | INTL/RLST 4271 | b271
  • Dates: June 2013
  • Cost: $2995 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Sarah Workman, 706-542-9737

Visit the Cultural, Social, and Environmental Sustainability website

Uruguay: Sustainable Beef and Grain Production and Marketing Systems

Description: During this intense and fun-filled 9-day trip we will visit a diverse group of livestock, grain and other agribusinesses. A sampling of the destinations include: large cow-calf and sheep ranches, grass-fed and organic beef and lamb operations, pasture-based dairies, organic vineyards, organic fruit and vegetable producers, large grain and oilseed producers, international grain-merchandisers and several other firms that you probably won't find in Georgia.

  • Course(s): AAEC/ADSC 3911
  • Dates: March 2013 Spring Break
  • Cost: $1280 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Curt Lacy, 229-386-3512

Visit the Sustainable Beef and Grain Production and Marketing Systems website

USVI—St. Croix: Agroforestry in the Caribbean

Start your summer with course credit and a 15-day trip to the Caribbean. Students will stay at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute and learn sustainable forest management, biodiversity, conservation and organic and tropical agriculture – and be immersed in the cultural heritage and community of laid-back St. Croix.

  • Course(s): ANTH/CRSS/ECOL/FORS 4760
  • Dates: May 2013
  • Cost: $1500 + tuition/fees + airfare
  • Contact(s): Dr. Sarah Workman, 706-542-9737

Visit the Agroforestry in the Caribbean website


Exchange Programs

UGA has partnership agreements with prestigious universities around the world. These allow you to study abroad as a non-degree visiting student for a semester or academic year while only paying UGA in-state tuition and fees.

Through exchanges, you enroll at a host university and participate in daily life in a country in a way that you may not otherwise experience through travel and study abroad programs. In addition to cultural immersion, exchange programs also give you the opportunity to further enhance your foreign language skills.

Courses offered

While on an exchange, you can take university courses in your major area of study and also earn minor, core and elective credit.

Check out our partner universities for more information on courses and programs offered:

Plan your exchange program

Contact the Office of International Education and the CAES study abroad coordinator to learn about the academic systems and course options at our partner universities. Talk to your academic advisor about how participating in an exchange program can fulfill your degree requirements.


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