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Study Abroad in Uruguay, South America

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Uruguay: Sustainable Beef and Grain Production and Marketing Systems

Just the facts.

AAEC 4990E (2 credits)
AAEC 3911 (1 credit)


Spring Break of 2016

Estimated Cost:
$1,300 + tuition and fees + airfare

Need more info?

Contact the program coordinator for more information:

Amanda Stephens
Associate Director of Student Engagement


About the Program

What is the Uruguay: Sustainable Beef and Grain Production and Marketing Systems program?

This program focuses on the similarities and differences in the beef and grain/oilseed production systems in Uruguay and their equivalent in the U.S. While traveling, the class will concentrate not only on the marketing and production of beef and grains but also of other agronomic and horticultural crops (lamb, hogs, goats, dairy, hay, vegetables, fruit and herbs) especially within the context of sustainable food production.

Students of any major are encouraged to apply, but should have a strong interest in conventional and sustainable beef and/or crop production and economics or marketing.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • discover Uruguay's capital city Montevideo
  • visit beef and lamb operations that source organic and grass-fed products to major US food retailers
  • visit pasture-based dairies
  • see sustainable agriculture in action
  • gain a better understanding of international agribusiness
  • sightsee and relax at Punta del Este beach

Required Courses

Participants should register for the following classes for spring semester:

  • AAEC 4990E - Special Topics in Agricultural and Applied Economics (2 hours credit)
  • AAEC 3911 - International Agribusiness and Environmental Management (1 hour credit)

AAEC 4990E is the classroom portion of the course that will take place before and after the trip. This course will be offered online and will contain background information concerning Uruguay as well as background information on international markets and trade. Students will be able to review the material at their own leisure most of the time. However, there will be a few times when students will need to participate at a specified time. The scheduled class time is TBD but will most likely be one evening per week depending on students' schedules. Prerequisites to AAEC 4990E: junior standing and permission of department.

AAEC 3911 is the actual trip portion of the class. In addition to the trip, participants will be required to keep a basic travel journal and be prepared to write a short paper and presentation about their experience and perception of the trip. Prerequisites to AAEC 3911: AAEC 2580 or ECON 2106.

Past Itinerary

Date Lodging Activities
March 7, 2014
Depart Atlanta or Jacksonville En route to Montevideo
March 9, 2014
Montevideo Arrive in Montevideo (Carrasco Airport); Check-in to hotel; Orientation and supper.
March 10, 2014
Montevideo Guided tour of Montevideo; free-time to explore Montevideo.
March 11, 2014

San Jose, UR  visit pasture-based dairies

Kiyú, UR visit INIA bull-test station.  Parrillada (Asado) at Kiyú Central, courtesy of INIA and Uruguay Hereford Breeders Society (Sociedad Criadores de Hereford del Uruguay – SCHU)

March 12, 2014
Treinta y Tres

Montevideo, visit Conrapole (dairy cooperative) milk processing plant.

Las Brujas, UR visit INIA experiment station to view research and outreach work targeted toward small-scale and sustainable agricultural producers.

Canolones, UR visit beef packing plant Frigorifico Canelones-JBS.

Enroute to Treinta y Tres, UR
March 13, 2014
Treinta y Tres

Visit grass-fed beef operation, Cow-calf through finishing system;

Visit integrated grain (rice and sorghum) and livestock (beef cattle finishing) farm.

Meet with CREA Group 33.  CREA is a group of farmers that meet monthly to exchange information and ideas about how to be more sustainable.

Dinner courtesy of CREA 33 farmers.

March 14, 2014
Punta del Este

Visit estancia (sheep and cattle operation)
Visit INIA-Treinta y Tres research station at Villa Sara.

Tour SAMAN (largest rice exporter in Uruguay) Rice Mill, Varela, UR.  SAMAN is the largest rice exporter in Uruguay.

Enroute to Punta del Est

March 15, 2014
Punta del Este

Tour family-owned wine farm and cellar “Altos de la Ballena.”

Lunch and visit farm “Sierra de los Caracoles,” Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez; Grass-fed beef, grain production, and wind-energy farm.  Recap the week and discuss what we have learned.

March 16, 2014
Punta del Este

Explore Punta del Este.

Depart for ATL or Jacksonville around 9:00 pm local time. 

March 17, 2014
Arrive Atlanta or Jacksonville, USA

Arrive at ATL or Jacksonville airport around 11:00 local time.  Have a safe trip home!

Room, Board, and Airfare

Hotel accommodations will include breakfast. All rooms will be double-occupancy unless other arrangements are made well in advance. Most meals will be eaten as a group with students responsible for their portion of the cost. However, during the course of the week, there will likely be several provided meals. Participants will be responsible for purchasing their own international airline tickets.

Applicant Information

Application deadline: TBD, sign-up will begin in fall of 2015

Submit application materials:

  • Return complete application to:
    Dr. Josef M. Broder
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    102 Conner Hall
    Athens, GA 30602

Additional scholarship information:

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