Each year the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) awards scholarships to students enrolled in our majors. CAES awards over $290,000 to undergraduate students in scholarships each year and 70 percent of undergraduate students who apply for CAES scholarships receive an award. There are additional scholarship opportunities through departments, extended campuses, the CAES Alumni Association, and Office of Global Programs.

The CAES General Scholarship fund is open each year from December 1st to March 1st. Students interested in scholarships for the following academic year should apply during this time.

CAES Scholarship Application

Job Placement

Agriculture and related fields is Georgia’s number one industry contributing over $74.9 billion dollars annually to Georgia’s economy. Graduates from CAES experience the 4th highest job placement rate out of all UGA colleges.

News Story: Demand for ag grads on the rise

Experiential Learning Opportunities

CAES has been offering experiential learning opportunities long before it became a requirement, thanks to the Deans' Promise. The Deans' Promise is a commitment from the CAES administration to provide students with transformative enrichment opportunities. It is our goal, with our supporters' help, to continue to create innovative programs that allow our students to grow both personally and professionally. Some of these opportunities include:

Pre-Professional Programs

Want to save lives? UGA CAES has the highest placement into graduate and professional schools! The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences offers majors that prepare students for admission to medical, veterinary, law and other professional schools.

Placement into graduate and professional school is highest for graduates from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences as compared to other colleges at UGA (UGA Career Center Post-graduation Survey, 2011-13).

Learn more about these pre-professional programs:

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