• Agribusiness


    Combine in-depth business concepts with real-world knowledge and application to the food and fiber industry.

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    tifton athens agribusiness griffin agricultural-applied-economics
  • Agricultural Communication

    Agricultural Communication

    Gain the skills to communicate issues and news in the food and fiber industry.

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    agricultural-communication agricultural-leadership-education-communication athens
  • Agricultural Education

    Agricultural Education

    Develop the tools to successfully teach agriculture in public, private, and post-secondary schools.

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    tifton athens agricultural-education agricultural-leadership-education-communication
  • Agricultural and Applied Economics

    Agricultural and Applied Economics

    Analyze economic issues and solve management problems in agriculture, food, and related businesses.

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    agricultural-applied-economics agricultural-applied-economics athens
  • Agriscience and Environmental Systems

    Agriscience and Environmental Systems

    Prepare for a successful career in agricultural production, food systems management or environmental systems.

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    tifton agriscience-environmental-systems athens crop-soil-sciences
  • Animal Health

    Animal Health

    Become a part of a major designed to fast-track students to veterinary school.

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    poultry-science animal-health athens
  • Animal Science

    Animal Science

    Hands-on experience and science, medicine and management skills prepare you for a livestock industry career or graduate school.

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    animal-dairy-science animal-science athens
  • Applied Biotechnology

    Applied Biotechnology

    Study science on the edge of innovation and technology.

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    entomology applied-biotechnology athens
  • Avian Biology

    Avian Biology

    Discover the importance of wild and domesticated birds to science, recreation, conservation and agriculture.

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    poultry-science avian-biology athens
  • Biological Science

    Biological Science

    Solve issues related to food, fiber, health care and environmental stewardship with a career in a biology-related field.

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    poultry-science tifton athens griffin biological-science
  • Dairy Science

    Dairy Science

    Major in a science focused on nature’s most nutritious food and the animals that produce it.

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    animal-dairy-science dairy-science athens
  • Entomology


    Study insects and their relationship to human life, food production, housing and the environment.

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    entomology entomology athens
  • Environmental Economics and Management

    Environmental Economics and Management

    Understand and find innovative solutions to global resource and environmental problems.

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    environmental-economics-management agricultural-applied-economics athens
  • Environmental Resource Science

    Environmental Resource Science

    Learn about sustaining agriculture and the environment in urban settings.

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    crop-soil-sciences athens griffin environmental-resource-science
  • Food Industry Marketing and Administration

    Food Industry Marketing and Administration

    Prepare for a management job in food processing, wholesale and retail industries.

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    food-industry-marketing-administration agricultural-applied-economics athens
  • Food Science

    Food Science

    Explore a major with a wide range of careers in the food industry, the nation’s largest occupational sector.

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    food-science-technology food-science athens
  • Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

    Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

    Explore a combination of different fields and disciplines to create a major that is the perfect fit for you.

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  • Horticulture


    From research to sales—prepare for your horticulture career.

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    horticulture horticulture athens
  • Poultry Science

    Poultry Science

    Study the science and business of one of Georgia's largest industries.

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    poultry-science poultry-science athens
  • Turfgrass Management

    Turfgrass Management

    Study the science and culture of fine grasses used on golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns and many other places.

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    turfgrass-management crop-soil-sciences athens
  • Water and Soil Resources

    Water and Soil Resources

    Make an impact by safeguarding and improving our water and soil quality.

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    water-soil-resources crop-soil-sciences athens