Animal Science Major

Animal Science Major

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The Animal Science major curriculum is designed to provide technical and applied instruction in the biological, physical, technical and economic aspects of beef, horse, sheep and swine production. The program of study includes application of basic principles of selection, animal breeding, animal nutrition, reproduction, feeding and management of livestock for the production of meat, milk and wool. The equine program of study is also an application of basic and applied sciences to equine production for horses used as work or companion animals.

What does an Animal Science Major Study?


View the required Animal Science courses and available electives in the UGA Bulletin. You will determine the right courses to match your interests with assistance from your advisor.


To prepare for courses to earn an Animal Science degree we recommend you:

  • Volunteer or work for a veterinarian, farm, animal shelter or humane society
  • Participate in any school or community animal and/or biological science clubs or organizations
  • Engage in biological or animal science-related student projects
  • Attend Animal Science in Action

What can an Animal Science student do outside of class?

Hands-On Learning

  • Instruction with cattle, horses, sheep and swine
  • Labs in the classroom and the field
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Volunteer and work opportunities with the Animal and Dairy Livestock Arena
  • Opportunities for work on the Animal Science Farm
  • Internship opportunities with veterinary practices, breed associations, feed companies, animal health companies, laboratories, etc.
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Food Animal Veterinary Incentive Program (FAVIP)

What jobs can I get with an Animal Science degree?

Animal Science

Career Potential

  • Animal Facilities Supervisor/Farm Manager
  • County Extension Agent
  • Livestock Producer
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Professional School
  • Vocational Agriculture Teacher

Entry-Level Salary

$23,000 to $46,000

How do I pay for college?


Each year the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) awards scholarships to students enrolled in our majors.

Go to CAES Scholarships.

Financial Aid

To find out about deadlines and eligibility requirements, visit the University of Georgia Office of Student Financial Aid.

  • CAES Office of Academic Affairs
  • 102 Conner Hall
  • Athens, Georgia 30602
  • 706-542-1611

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