Biological Science Major

Biological Science Major

Available at: Tifton Athens Griffin

This major provides a flexible program of study integrating both biological and agricultural sciences. In addition, it can be used by students to prepare for professional programs in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and dentistry, as well as for advanced degrees (Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy) in any of the biological sciences. Graduates with a degree in Biological Sciences are prepared for careers in industry, business, and government dealing with food, fiber, health care, and environmental stewardship.

What does a Biological Science major study?


View the required Biological Science courses and available electives in the UGA Bulletin. You will determine the right courses to match your interests with assistance from your advisor.

Students wishing to attend classes on the Griffin or Tifton campus need to complete their 1000-2000 level courses.


To prepare for courses to earn a Biological Science degree we recommend you:

  • Take available AP and Honors science courses prior to attending UGA
  • Participate in any school or community animal and/or biological science clubs or organizations
  • Volunteer, work, or shadow in a veterinary or medical practice, pharmacy, etc.

What can a Biological Science student do outside of class?

Hands-On Learning

  • Use state of the art technology with direct industry applications
  • Labs with live specimens
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Internship opportunities
  • Study abroad opportunities

What jobs can I get with a Biological Science degree?


Career Potential

  • Lab/Research Technician
  • Medicine and Allied Health Fields
  • Dentistry
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Agricultural Production

Entry-Level Salary

$23,000 to $50,000

How do I pay for college?


Each year the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) awards scholarships to students enrolled in our majors.

Go to CAES Scholarships.

Financial Aid

To find out about deadlines and eligibility requirements, visit the University of Georgia Office of Student Financial Aid.

  • CAES Office of Academic Affairs
  • 102 Conner Hall
  • Athens, Georgia 30602
  • 706-542-1611

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